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2 Blue Gems originally began in 2004 under a different name.  After a series of life altering events, my path and my jewelry making took a totally different direction, and brought me to where I am today.  The photo below is of my inspiration, if you will, and who and why I do what I do.  They are my sons, my own "2 Blue Gems."

For most of what I make, I use genuine gemstones like real sapphire, ruby or emerald beads, or natural stone cabochons, cut by the lapidary artists I buy them from directly.  I use Sterling Silver, 14K gold-filled, raw copper or jeweler's brass wire, and will always list the materials used in any given piece.

On occasion, I will make more "whimsical" pieces, in which I will use or incorporate glass beads or cabochons, or brightly colored copper wires for a pop of color.  What I will NOT do, however, is use silver-plated wire.  You can rest assured that if a piece is labeled as "Sterling Silver," it is indeed Sterling Silver and NOT a silver-plated wire or component that will wear off and turn pink.  

What I make:

Mostly, I make wire wrapped pieces - pendants and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.  I also make wire sun catchers, do-dads and thingamabobs.  My medium is mainly wire and natural and genuine stones, but I do dabble in metal clay, polymer clay, soutache, chainmaille and macrame pieces.  My pieces are my original works.


I also do custom pieces, and have wrapped stones and "found treasures" that individuals have asked for, so they can be worn or hung on display.

Please contact me for pricing and terms on custom pieces. 

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